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20 Historical Diver & Journal of Diving History Issues

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This is a collection of 20 new issues of Journal of Diving History / Historical Diver published by the Historical Diving Society USA. Below is a detailed description of the valuable information contained in each.


If you are collecting or researching diving helmets these are invaluable resources. Journal of Diving History/Historical Diver issues 50-54 B&W, 55 -59 in full color, approx. 550 pages with articles and auction results for helmets, watches, cameras and scuba gear. Helmets shown or listed: USA. Morse Mk V’s 2520, 2532, 2712 commercial helium conversion, 4387, 4518, 4865, 5105, 5169, Commercials1362, 1588, 2688, 3182, 3227, 3322, 3327/3289, 3729, 3849, 4057/3261, 4320, 2034, 6719.Schrader, Mk V’s 215B, 427B, 626B, 848B, 999B, 1132B, Commercials 610, 1038. Miller Dunn Mk V’s 22, 89, 332, Divinhood Styles1-3, DESCO: Mk V’s dated 4/4/1944, 12/3/45, 194, 277, 360, 498, 1545/1067,1449, 1947, 2536, 2927, 2978, 4049, 326, Helium 1831, HDS USS Squalus Helium, Commercial Browne Bob Kirby 438, Nuclear Helmet. McCray. Lindberg Hammar recirculator #1. DIVCON Integral Cannister. Kirby Associated Divers recirculatory. Rat Hat. Kirby Morgan D-15, 17, 27. Savoie 095, 79-10 demand, S-31, Savoie Super Helmet. Advanced. General Aquadyne. Carson. David Clark. Ben Miller. US Divers Com Hat. SNEADInternational. Augustus Siebe, Siebe Gorman 12 bolt. 2221, bonnet 2263, 3721, 5324, 6185, 17740, 18959, 18828/18851, 19258 Indian Reproduction, 19312, DIVCON 19445. S G 6 bolt 7395/15024, 12423,114,771, 6202. Heinke Pearler 2289, 6364, 7029, 6 bolt 540/546. Strongwork. Draeger DM40. Hagenuk 3-bolt 12 – bolt, 3 bolt. Denayrouze. Piel EP 300. Christiansen 2 bolt. Hansen 2 bolt. Emil Carlsson. Hansen Hessing. Pommec PAH7. KASPRO. Robison. Low Isles Helmet. Mel Ward Helmet. Yokohama Air, Helium recirculator. TOA Pearler, 3 lights. Kimura. Russian Experimental Mystery Helmet, 12 bolt 897. Korean. Chilean. Also masks, pumps, knives. Articles on Helmets of the Deep book at auction. Twelve books at auction ranging from $1,407 to $5,748. DESCO’s Thomas Fifield, HDS Commemorative USS Squalus Mark V Helium helmets. Leon Lyons interview. Bert Cutting, Blind Commercial Diver. Bud Weiser. George Wookey, R.N. Commercial Helium Diving, André Galerne, Norma Hanson, California Sea Urchin Diving, Divers of Cannery Row, Langley Collection, Panerai Knife, Salvage of the Squalus AND MUCH MUCH MORE. Authors E.R. Cross, Chris Swann, Bob Ramsay, Nyle Monday, David Dekker, Scrap Lundy, Leslie Leaney, and others. Complete, unmarked all in very good condition.


Journal of Diving History issues 70 -79 in full color, approx. 700 pages with articles and auction results for helmets, watches, cameras and scuba gear. Helmets shown or listed: USA. Morse Mk V’s 2836, 4799 Commercial 1144,1150, 1373, 2558, 2806, 3123, 3379, 3391, 3506, 4499, 4511/4516, 4722, 6504, 6564, 6706, Mk XII 0650, 3 – light 4-bolt, Single port bonnet, Pearler style 3685, Morse/Craftsweld, 3-light stamped breastplate: Schrader 921, 1144: DESCO Mk V’s 1233, 203, Commercial Helium recirculator, HDS Sponge # 13/20, Browne Commercial 29400, Pot. Kirby Morgan Krasberg, KM SEALAB Clamshell: Advanced; General Aquadyne; Carson Mk 3; David Clark S-5005 serial number 54; Miller Series 100; Saturation Systems SAT HAT serial #’s 11, # 007, Swindell. International. John Date; Siebe Gorman # 2904/Heinke pearler, SG 3 bolt # 83; Heinke 6 bolt #124; Draeger Einfacher, Kirby Morgan 17 Draeger helium conversion, Model 1915; Yokohama; Galeazzi HDS Marina #1; Italo Zannoni; Longobardo & C; Officine Giuseppe Bosi; SIAS; Hansen Hessing 2-bolt; Piel EP 300; Sponge helmets; Russian Plexiglass Bonnet, Helium. Also masks, pumps. Articles on Torrance Parker, Capt. Louis Sorcho, DESCO’s Max Nohl and Jack Browne, COMEX’s Henri Delauze, Kirby Morgan’s Bob Christensen, Galeazzi, Sponge helmets. Helmet articles by Leslie Leaney, Phil Nuytten, Torrance Parker, Don Barthelmess, David Dekker, USN EDU. And MUCH MUCH more. Complete, unmarked all in very good condition. “I still remember the day I bought an entire run of the Journal. It has been the best purchase I ever made, ” -Don Creekmore, Nations Attic.


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