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1940 Siebe Gorman 6 Bolt Royal Dutch Engineers Diving Helmet

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When conjuring the image of what a classic English diving helmet looks like the 6 bolt Admiralty Pattern helmet made by Siebe Gorman comes to mind. Siebe Gorman started making the first diving helmets in the 1830s in London England. The company would continue to invent innovative new designs and technology in diving. Their helmets would be used by the Royal Navy and her many colonies throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. The Admiralty Pattern was the Royal Navies’ primary deep water helmet in the 20th Century.

This fantastic helmet is a style primarily used by the Royal Navy before, during and after World War 2. The helmet features the original Siebe Gorman brass ID plate. Siebe Gorman would stamp serial numbers into inside neck ring of the bonnet & breastplate. They would also place a number on the front window frame and bottom side of the two brails. The serial #14509 is on the bonnet, #14475 on the breastplate, and 14631 on both brails. While these numbers differ, they all fall within the date of manufacture to 1940, World War 2.

The standard configuration for this model utilized oval windows on the side, and a round threaded faceplate on the front. The 6-bolt pattern only requires 2 brails rather than the four found on 12 bolt helmets. The back of the bonnet features the original air and communications fittings. When looking at vintage photos of English military hardhat divers, there is an excellent chance this very model is what you will find being utilized.

The helmet does differ slightly in that it has an extra air fitting on the front of the breastplate. Also found are loops for the chest weight on the front and back of the breastplate. It is documented that the Royal Dutch Engineers favored having the extra air fitting on the breastplate.

The helmet is in very good original unrestored condition, perfect for display in the home or office. The copper body and brass hardware exhibit a wonderful patina. A good portion of the factory-applied tinning is still present. The helmet is complete with all its glass, 6 wing nuts, 2 brails, exhaust valve, air fitting, spitcock valve, dumbbell safety latch, window guards, and internal air vents. There is also an old telephone reproducer inside the bonnet.

This helmet exhibits a classic English look and beauty. The bonnet exhibits typical working dents, but none are severe. Such a classic design and model do not turn up often, especially in the American market. One that served during WW2 is even more special.

All diving helmets in this auction will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Nations Attic. The certificate will have a unique number that will match the number on a tamperproof hologram decal placed inside the helmet. This information will be kept on permanent file at Nations Attic and help ensure the provenance of the helmet and authenticity. The display stand shown in the photos is not included. The option to purchase one after the auction will be provided.

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