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History of Italian Navy Diving 1849 – 2009

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Palombari della Marina Militare Italiana (Diving in the Italian Navy) by Fabio Vitale and Gianfranco Betró, 2009. First Edition. A large format 12” x 8 ¾”, 453 page, full-color, hard-bound book with dust jacket, text is Italian, in like new condition. A fantastically researched and presented book on the history and equipment used by the Italian Navy, with large full color photos of helmets, pumps, knives and accessories from 1849 onwards by Siebe & Gorman, Galeazzi, SALVAS, Drager, ITALO ZANNONI, F. Longobardo & C, Giuseppe Bosi, SIAS, IAC, Giuseppe Gabanna, Kirby Morgan. Also rebreathers, atmospheric suits, Decima Mas, human torpedoes, Panerai watches and gauges, fins, telephones, dresses, turrets, military divers insignia, and more. Extensive historical photographs of divers in action, salvage operations, Decima Mas divers with WWII combat rebreathers, manuals, documentation. 160 years of history of divers of the Italian Navy since the birth of the Diver School (1849-2009) The history of the divers of the Italian Navy began on 24 July 1849, when an Englishman was commissioned to instruct the personnel of the Sardinian Navy in the art of diving for the first time. One hundred and sixty years told through a long "immersion" in the events of the people and companies that contributed to the development of the Diver Service. The Deane brothers, Augustus Siebe, Italo Zannoni, Roberto Galeazzi, Francesco Longobardo, Alberto Gianni, Angelo Belloni are referenced in the pages of the book. From the first dives carried out in the nineteenth century with elastic diving suits, to the modern equipment of today, passing through the evolution of diving procedures in the light of the great discoveries of underwater medicine, the conquest of the depths through the use of rigid articulated diving suits and of the butoscopic turrets, the naval recoveries and the first submarine rescue attempts. A road paved with experiments, sacrifices and dedication that have made the divers of the Italian Navy a point of reference in the world of diving. A fabulous book of the highest publishing standards and printing.